Vigorous Sara and Anita Queen decided to have lesbian sex for the first time

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Description: Sara's just trying to run a nice little country dessert shop, but when wild-at-heart Anita Queen and Bianca stop in for some delicious sweets, her otherwise boring, innocent existence is taken for a wet and messy ride! Sara does her best to be a proper shop owner, showing her beautiful guests all of her elaborate cakes, but the situation turns messy almost immediately when Anita and Bianca's playing around soon takes a turn for the serious, because after all, these chicks are dressed in some very expensive silk and satin outfits, and some sauce and cake smeared across your chest is not exactly the fashion statement they're going for! At this point it's totally on, and while Sara initially tries to keep the peace, she eventually gets pushed over the edge and these three Eurobabes face off in the wet and messy food fight of the year!