Tempting perfections are doing some very naughty things with each other

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Description: Molly goes to see Dr. Desmonda, her dermatologist. She pretends to have an ache in her pussy that needs examining. But what Molly really has is an aching clothing fetish – one that she is desperate to satisfy. And she knows that Dr. Desmonda ALWAYS wears silk, her favorite sexual fabric. Of course, Molly is no shy bitch when it comes to the clothing game. She arrives at the doctor’s office decked out in her favorite fur. Once the doctor sees that, she becomes quite eager to see what is wrong with her patient’s vagina. She inserts two fingers up there, getting it nice and loose – but still it’s not wet enough, so she uses her tongue. Molly then turns the tables and decides to inspect the doctor’s cunt, getting it nice and loose with the help of a stimulating vibrator… Starring Cindy Hope and Sabrina Sweet.