Luscious Sweet Cat likes to make love with Kari from Karihood

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Duration: 7:00 Views: 4 946 Submitted: 4 years ago
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Description: Leila Smith, Sweet Cat, and newcomer Kari are all dressed in black and looking to get lesbo nasty - and who could blame them when looking this hot!? However, since this is SlimeWave you know the action is going to be anything but "normal", and you'll quickly see this as Kari and Leila are strapped up with big, thick cocks, and they gotta find some holes to ram them in! This is where Sweet Cat comes into play, and by the end of this creamy destruction she's going to be totally exhausted and covered in a totally outrageous amount of cum! Leila and Kari take turns ramming her pussy and face, with both fucking her from behind while the other fucks her face and shoots ridiculous load after load all over this hottie in black, eventually rendering her damn near unrecognizable as she takes the double teaming of her life! It may be lesbo action, but these strap-on freaks go as hard as the best of the dudes out there, and you'll be blowing your own load multiple times and adding it to the mix throughout this insane bit of wet and messy lesbo hardcore!