Startling Cindy Hope and Destiny like to make love with each other

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Description: Cindy Hope is all alone in her great big palace of a house, while her executive husband is away on business, so invites her friend Destiny over to keep her company. Cindy gets a phone call from her lonely husband, who calls her for some hot long-distance phone sex. As the two talk dirty, Destiny waits, rubbing herself all over her silk and satin skirt and blouse, then eventually her hand wanders between her legs as she rubs her clit and fingers her pussy hole while eavesdropping on the sex call. After her husband blows his load, Cindy goes to rejoin her friend, who she finds in the middle of her self-gratification session. Naturally, Destiny, being the undeniable mistress she is, lures Cindy to her with just a simple look, and the two are soon all over each other: playing with their pussies and tits through the expensive fine material of their clothes, then moving onto the bed to get more comfortable, and more dirty. This is one hot lesbian sex scene no satin fetish fan would want to miss!