Hot-tempered Dina and Jenna Lovely are passionately licking each others fannies while they are alone

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Description: Jenna Lovely has come to get her cardio on with instructor Dina, and while she may be entirely inappropriately dressed i her satin blouse, shiny skirt, stockings, and high heels, she's determined to make it work, that is until Dina stars squirting her down with oil and totally making her blouse see-through! Well, that's about it for the proper workout, because at this point both babes are so hot and horny that they forget about everything but getting into some nice, sensual, super oily action! Before she knows it Jenna is dripping with oil from neck to toe, getting the full rubdown and plenty of squirts on and under her cute panties! She even gets some in her shoes, giving her that squishy feeling that she loves, but Jenna's a loving chick and wants to return the oily goodness to Dina, so she squirts her down, drenching her sporty white outfit and revealing more and more of Dina's sexy legs and ass as she goes! This may not have been what Jenna came for, but she'll definitely be back for Dina's amazing oil treatment!