Slutty Kathy Anderson is having hot sex with Kate for the first time

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Description: It's the 19th annual Prague Juice-Off, where ladies from all over the Czech Republic compete to find out which of these silk and satin clad goddesses can whip up the best nectars! We're down to our two last two foxy contestants: Kathy Anderson and Kate, who have squashed their competition and squeezed their way into the finals and are now head to head and Judge Christina Lee is gonna sort out once and for all who's got the best juice this year, but the rules have changed this year and the final test is not how the juice tastes, but how it looks on the contestants, so she dumps a big glass over Kathy, decides she'd join in the fun and pour it on top of herself and soon all the chicks were chucking as much of the juice as they can all over each other, soaking s and destroying their clothes. And making it see-through so that you could see their nipples. All rolling around having the time of their lives. Who wins? Who cares! Get in and check out the sloppy-ass action!