Wonderful Mia Angel and Stacy Silver started kissing when they realized that they liked each other

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Description: Mia Angel and Tarra White are looking at some of that famous Czech glass from sexy sales rep Stacy Silver, but the focus quickly turns from the glass to Stacy's very tempting strap-on when it's inadvertently revealed, and the civilized meeting almost immediately becomes a cock-gagging, cum blasting threesome as Tarra reveals her own large strap-on, showing she was in on the game the whole time, and that she and Stacy are going to drown this angel in tons of lesbo cum! Mia opens wide for two strap-ons, getting fucked up like the little slut she is, getting abused from both big titty babes, and finding herself blasted time and time again by two cum-pumping strap-ons! Tarra and Stacy never stop on their fuck sluts until they're completely drenched in cum and humiliated like never before, but with this much cum flying around the lesbo action you know all three of these hotties are going to be nice and creamy by the end of this strap-on destruction!