Topnotch Kirsten Plant and Victoria Puppy are making love with each other on a daily basis and loving it

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Description: It doesn't take much for Victoria Puppy, Sweet Cat, and Kirsten Plant to start making it and delving deeper and deeper into lesbo hotness when they're hanging out together and looking this fine! All three of these freaks are in the mood for some bathroom loving, so without even needing a proper bedroom atmosphere they tear into each others clothes and pussies, busting out the toys and spreading some ass, leaving all inhibition outside the bathroom and going for lesbo gold in any way they can! It turns out that cats and puppies can get along together beautifully, and when you see everything these fashion freaks get up to you'll be blowing your load all over the place! of course at Fully Clothed Pissing this fierce threesome ain't leaving until they've all taken their golden showers, and with three pussies showering down that sweet yellow you know all three of these fully clothed Eurobabes are going to be drowning in piss and loving it by the end of this baby!