Awesome Jordan Verwest and Leony Aprill are naked and making love

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Description: Leave it to a couple of pornstars like Leony and Jordan to take a pleasant picnic in the park after a shopping trip and turning it into an absolute wet and messy disaster!! Well, it is sexy as hell, but whoever has to clean up around this park bench when they're through ain't gonna be happy!! Both of these babes are dressed up in their usual sexy gear, but once the milk, flour, yogurt , pudding, and all kinds of other nastiness are all over them and they've totally destroyed their outfits and slimed up their hair they of course have to get sensual with each other, and remember they're doing all this in a public part in front of lots of pedestrians! To get even goofier they then make new outfits for themselves out of trash bags and then continue shopping in a neighborhood shop - seems there's nothing these crazy chicks won't get up to, and the messier the better!