Savory Daria Glower seduced Hana Black and decided to explore sexuality with her

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Description: Blonde bombshell Sarah Star is hanging out on the couch with her good friend Hana Black. Both ladies are sexy as hell – and rich, to boot. The type of broad that every guy would kill for: sophisticated, worldly, well dressed, and savvy. Of course, being so rich, they often get bored. They have done everything, seen everything, and so are always on the look out for new forms of stimulation. As they sit on their black leather couch sipping champagne, Sarah suddenly gets the urge to splash her glass all over Hana. She doesn’t know why – she just thinks it might be funny. A full-on champagne war breaks out between the two frivolous ladies…By the time Daria Glower, Sarah Star’s sister-in-law, shows up, the two ladies have immersed themselves in the indoor swimming pool. This looks like too much fun for Daria to resist – so she joins them!