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Description: Mila Dark and Gia star in his messy mud wrestling match that will have you saying “Whoa Momma”, once you see how wet and messy these babes get in this chick mud wrestling madness. Gia enters the arena first, looking sexy in her silk pink blouse and shiny pearl-colored skirt. Then Mila Dark comes in, looking as innocent as a schoolgirl in her silk top and dress, and black pigtails. Soon the babes are in it tossing each other around and at one point it looks like Gia's definitely the front runner, especially when she starts riding Mila and holding her by the pigtails. But Mila gets her off and hold her ground. Judge Nike tries to keep these wild vixens under control, but it proves to be a difficult task. The two keep going back and forth in a great messy match eventually getting a little naked and getting the gals on the sidelines more than just a little bit covered in mud.