Niky and nasty Tracy Lindsay decided to make love until they both get exhausted

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Description: Nikki (32 mins). When this curvaceous beauty walked into the room I had already begun to fantasize what her breasts looked like. She was blonde, busty and curvy, all the things that ring my bell. We got down to business straight away and she said she wanted to be a fashion model. When I asked her about nude modelling she refused and I began to wonder if I would be able to get her breasts in my mouth after all. However this blonde beauties weakness was the same as almost everyone elses, money. When I offered her an outrageous amount of money she was so tempted that she agreed to do it and when I said she had to do a casting video with me she agreed. We sat on the couch and I removed my own clothes after some kissing and caressing. I decided to leave her underwear on until it was my turn to ravage her. I instructed her softly what to do as it was her first ever time being with another woman. She was a quick learner and she soon had her digits stuck firmly inside my tight hole and her tongue licked at my clit sending powerful pleasure eruptions across my whole body. It wasn't long before she had me screaming with pleasure as my orgasm hit me. Now it was her turn and I puled her heavy natural breasts out of her bra and feasted on her large nipples. With first time lesbians they are sometimes more comfortable with a toy, so I got out my personal favorite and I began to ease it in and out of her as I slowly fucked her with it. Even my cameraman entering the room didn't put her off she was so turned on at this point. Watching this gorgeous woman have her first lesbian orgasm was a real treat as she bucked and groaned on the end of my dildo until her orgasm shook her from tip to toe. I was still glowing after she left and I had to take 5 minutes to lie on the couch before the next casting arrived.