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Description: Annabelle (30 mins). Lets get one thing straight, I love big tits and Anabelle's breasts were so big they reached the desk a full minute before she did. Her bra must have been made of adamantium to keep these big, bouncy tits under control. I couldn't wait to see those things get unleashed from her bra and fall straight into my open, grasping hands. But I'm getting ahead of myself here, I had a full interview to do first before I even knew if I could get her naked and wet on my couch. Turns out, I was worrying about nothing. This sexy woman was the most agreeable person I've ever had on my couch. She said yes to everything and anything I suggested and when I told her she would have to do a casting with me to get work she agreed immediately. This was outstanding, I phoned my cameraman to grab my strap on and come in so we could capture these beautiful big tits properly. When he arrived I wasted no time in getting her on the couch and her pussy into my mouth. I squeezed and kneaded those fabulous breasts as she squirmed on the end of my tongue. I was so horny I couldn't hold back anymore and we swapped positions and she began to lick and finger fuck my pussy until I burst into her mouth as my orgasm hit me. I wanted to see those big tits bounce properly so I got my strap on and slid it into her tight, moist hole. I had to go slow as it was so big it would have hurt her if I went to town on it, so I swapped her into the doggy position so I could feed more of my length into her. What a sight it was to behold, watching my plastic phallus slide into her from behind as her awesome tits jiggled and bounced, hopped and jumped, slapped and smacked together like two boxers exchanging flesh punches. She soon had a beautiful orgasm and I watched her whole body shake from behind as waves of pleasure coursed through every nerve in her body. It was time for her to go, I was going to miss this woman and her tits, thankfully it's all on camera for us all to enjoy forever.