Morgan Moon is licking hot Vanessa's cuch while she is moaning from pleasure

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Description: These two well known Eurobabe starlets are all about looking fashionable, and the inevitable result of such classy style is that these good friends just can't take their hands off each other whenever they meet up! One's wearing a sexy red dress, the other lingerie and a fur top, but while they love high fashion, and start off by rubbing and licking above the clothing, in truth they're after each others perfect pussies...and absolutely their warm, yellow piss! However, there's plenty of lesbo action in the bathtub for these two sex bombs before they wet each other down in urine, and with tongues and dildos hard at work both of them are in total ecstasy! In order to cool down a bit and clean off for more piss action they even wet each other down in the shower, only increasing the sexiness of this Pornstars At Home scene with some wetlook fun thrown in the mix! Pussy licking, pissing all over each other, and fun in the shower - wow, now that's a fucking lesbo scene that does pissing in action proud!