Heavenly Gina Devine and Casey Jordan got naked while no one was watching and made love

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Description: Casey (28 mins). Even though I had no idea about the girl who was about to come through the door that morning I had already decided to have a bit of fun with her and mix things up a little. When Casey did walk through the door, it was lucky I was sitting down as she bowled me over with her beauty. A terrific smile and a gorgeous figure left me struggling to control my inner lesbian as I just wanted to walk over to her desk and stick my tongue up her pussy. Anyway, turns out she was interested in girl/girl porn, and I as offered up a silent prayer to the Gods of erotica, I asked her to change into something more sexy for me that I had picked up earlier that day. As she was changing I was teased by seeing her amazing breasts and her stunning, lithe figure with a beautiful ass that I could eat my lunch off. She looked drop dead gorgeous in the dress and I just blurted right out that I wanted to do a lesbian casting with her and she quickly agreed. Before you could say bat an eyelid I had her bent over my desk, knickers round her ankles and a pair of handcuffs trapping her hands behind her back. I began to smack her ass, watching the ripples cascade over her hips, stunning. Next I pulled out my dildo, got her to suck it and then began to fuck her from behind. This was incredibly horny, this woman was completely at my mercy and she was loving every second of it. I was juicing up nicely now just from hearing the squelching noises as I thrust my dildo in and out of her tight, sopping hole. I grabbed her and pulled her over to the couch, and whilst she was still handcuffed I mounted her face before riding her lips all the way to an amazing orgasm. I was still incredibly turned on and began to finger fuck her to her own screaming orgasm. An amazing casting which I'll have to watch again, as it was just so God damn horny. I bet when she left home that morning she didn't realize she was going to be handcuffed, spanked and fucked.