Voracious Tracy Lindsay decided to teach Skyla how to satisfy her

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Description: After languishing in a call center for ages, Daphne was eager to pay her college tuition with something more exciting like modeling. Once I saw her raven-black hair, her tattoos, and let my eyes wander down her chest to stare right down her deep cleavage, I was totally in lust to this cute college girl. As we talked, Daphne confessed her dreams of making it big and becoming an icon, and I told her I could make that happen, if she could prove she was comfortable stripping in front of the camera. After I showed her my ass to show her that I wouldn't ask anything of her I wasn't willing to do myself, I could see Daphne getting horny and squirming in her chair. I went over and made out with her, pulling down her shirt so I could give her soft natural boobs a squeeze. Next I pulled down her jean shorts and gave her plump butt a squeeze, before licking her shaved, flawless pussy.