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Description: Loreen (27 mins). Loreen was a very cute girl who appeared shy at first when she first entered my office but I was soon to discover she was a insatiable lover when it came to sex. She had come to my agency to do a casting to star in erotic films with women, and possibly do boy/girl scenes with her current boyfriend. The more I probed her about her sex life the more she revealed, she was into all sorts of stuff like anal and golden showers. You would never have thought it from her shy demeanor and cute manner. It was crunch time after my initial interview and I asked her if we could try something together, which she agreed to, and within minutes of her removing her jacket I was sliding my hands under her top and fondling her pert, ample breasts. I soon had her naked and showing me how she pleasures herself at home before I had to step in and take over fucking her with the dildo. She had a very engorged pussy, meaty lips and a clit that when she stroked it caused her pussy to leak like a plumbers dream job. She was soaking wet and the sound of her pussy lips gripping and pulling on the dildo were almost to much for me to bear. She climaxed beautifully and I then got her to continue fucking herself whilst I undressed and kissed and fondled her some more. I couldn't get enough of this beauty and got her to start licking my pussy. At this point we tried to get her to phone her boyfriend whilst she was licking my pussy but she wasn't keen on the idea. So I got her to stop talking and continue licking. Considering she had never been with another woman before she licked my pussy expertly, until I was arching my back with intense pleasure as my orgasm shook me like an earthquake. It was such a horny session together even my assistant had his cock out towards the end and was wanking it with a guilty look on his face. An amazing casting which I'm sure you will all enjoy.