Romantic Lexy Villa is having great time with Mena Li

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Description: Remember Jynx Hollywood, the hot suicide girl that BDSM Mistresses Mena Li and Lexy Villa brought back to the dungeon? If not, get ready for the perfect lesbian domination threesome video to freshen your recollection. Thing is, Mena and Lexy never let Jynx go. Watch as Jynx is kept tied to hooks on the wall, legs covered in a pair of tight black pantyhose with a potato sack over her head, still tired and sore from her last sex slave training session. She took to it so well, especially with all the water splashed in her face. Mena and Lexy enter and shake her up a bit, pull off the sack and slap her tits around. Mena brought a leather blindfold and happily covers Jynx's eyes. The Mistresses untie her and bring her over to the bed they set up, tying her wrists back to a post on her stomach. Her back is to remain arched so her ass can pop up beautifully for strapon dildos our Mistresses never leave at home. If she fails, she'll definitely get a spanking and more water poured over her face. Mena rips the bottoms of the nylons, exposing Jynx's hot white bubble butt. Mena and Lexy take turns using Jynx's pussy and mouth, double penetration majority of her time on the mattress. They don't stop taunting her, making her apologize for being such a whore, use more water on her face, fuck her rough, making her gag up spit which only allows the rubber dicks to slide down her throat easier. Hearing Jynx gag and screaming she's a dirty slut will make anyone cum in their pants. Mena is so turned on, she takes off her shirt and pulls off her bra, shoving Jynx's face between her perfect bouncy breasts, using the shirt around Jynx's neck. They want Jynx to cum a few more times no matter what it takes. We're sure we'll be seeing more of this trio.