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Description: Violette (32 mins). Violette is a blonde beauty that had come to my office to interview for the made up position of my assistant. She seemed to be perfect for the job but then I saw the angle I could use to get her clothes off and her pussy into my mouth. It soon became apparent that the only reason she had got jobs before is because she could turn on her male employers more then she could turn on her computer. The woman had no office skills, but clearly had some oral skills and she was soon confessing that all her previous jobs had involved her keeping her employers happy in various other ways. This was clearly my way into this girls sexual life and I seized it. I told her she had to show me these skills but unfortunately she seemed to be more adept at pleasing men then women, nothing she was doing for me was getting me completely excited. So I decided to show her how to please a woman if she ever got interviewed by one again. I soon had her writhing on the couch in pure ecstasy as my tongue swirled over her clit and pussy lips, probing deep into her as her orgasm built and built before reaching it's crescendo. My assistant then, right on cue, asked me to give her another chance so I relented and let her lick my pussy. This time she was really trying and I was soon gripping her ears and burying her face beep into my velvet folds until my orgasm consumed me. A great casting with a super sexy woman.