Stupendous floozies have a plan to make love with each other

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Description: This week on the Penny Show, Nick Taylor showed up and gave Penny insight into the world of male dancing, A.K.A stripping. Penny got a little dance with a lot of clothes being thrown around, and as a tip Penny was just all too eager to repay him by giving him a blowjob, and taking his picture for the wall. We also have another stripper, the female fatale Chavon. She is a hot gal with a hot pink one piece. She wanted to give her two cents on how female exotic dancers take care of business and get their money. Penny even got her fantasy fulfilled as she and her new stripper friend Chavon did a little dildo play, and ate out each others pussies in the process. So check out this episode, because this time there is sex in the champagne Room.