Remarkable Vanessa Hell is using every opportunity to make love with Celine Noiret

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Description: Vanessa (41 mins). I had been very horny all morning before Vanessa walked in, a dream I had during the night had left me wet and gasping. So I was bubbling over with sexual hormones and then Vanessa arrived. Vanessa is 32 but keeps herself in good shape, a tall blonde with a nice set of breasts and a stomach flatter then a football pitch. I could feel my juices start to well as I realized that pretty soon I could be tasting this ones beauty with my tongue instead of my eyes. She had been in the business for 2 and a half years and I gleamed form her that she was into both girls and guys, so I decided to get her naked and tackle a few pictures. It's a wonder I didn't slip and fall on my own juices as I got close in for some pussy shots. Her pussy looked tighter then a ducks ass and I couldn't wait to dive in. I told her I had to see for myself what she was like at giving and receiving sex, and with hardly no objections, she simply agreed to do it. I think she was smelling my scent and getting turned on herself. It wasn't long before I was knuckle deep in her and my tongue was lapping at her clit like waves on the shore. I got her in the doggy position then and fucked her with my old pal Mr Dildo. She had an amazing orgasm and was more then willing to reciprocate. She licked and fucked me with the same dildo to my own back arching orgasm. Another amazing casting which is guaranteed to please all of my members out there. I almost felt sorry for her as she left, expecting my non existent phone call in the near future.