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Description: Kari (29 mins). I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Kari is quite possibly my best casting session to date. She's beautiful and sexy with a stunning figure and talented hands and lips. I'm quivering with desire just typing this about her right now, the multiple orgasms we had have me rubbing my pussy and typing with one hand. She came to the office wanting to do girl/girl porn as she loved being with other women behind her boyfriends back. This deviant goddess was right up my alley and I wanted to get right up hers. I told her that she needed to impress me during the casting and we started off by masturbating in front of each other. It wasn't long before I was sucking and fingering her as she sat on the chair before taking her over to the couch and bringing out my favorite toy. I straddled her and placed the vibrator between us as we rode the vibrations to orgasm heaven. Then she licked me to another orgasm before I brought her to another heart stopping, toe curling, nail digging orgasm. I can't contain myself here writing and thinking about this session, I have to go and take care of myself. Stop reading, press play and start masturbating, I promise you it's an amazing casting session.