Lovable Gina Devine and Bella Baby like to make love with each other every once in a while

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Description: Bella (25 mins). Bella is as cute as button and as pretty as a picture. She floated into my office with a delicious looking body wrapped under figure hugging leggings and a tantalizing top. I was keen to try my lavish charm on her, but there was no need. She took me completely by surprise by telling me that the reason she was there was to have sex with me for an adult casting. I regained my composure faster then a snake strikes, and asked her to explain more. She then replied about how her girlfriend, one of my previous victims, had told her to come along for a casting as she likes sex and I'm more desirable then water in the desert. This was shaping up to be a good day, I couldn't wait to get this sexy woman naked and wetter then a cucumber in an all women's prison. Speaking of cucumbers, after we did the short interview, I happened to have one in the desk and decided that I was going to have all sorts of fun with Bella. I asked her if she could show me how she could suck a dick and she was soon licking and sucking the thick green cucumber like it was the Incredible Hulks cock. I was getting so turned on that within a few moments I was getting her to put a condom on the cucumber and then she was sprawled backwards on my desk, as I used the cucumber like a strap on and gave her one of her five a day. She loved the thick cucumber as it stretched her pussy out and I alternated my rhythm before bringing her to a glorious orgasm. It was her turn to pleasure me now and she got on her knees, pert ass in the air and she licked and finger fucked my pussy till I was arching backwards in the chair as my orgasm washed over me. A simply amazing casting with a cute and very sexy woman, who even took the cucumber home as a souvenir.