Two glorious maids are playing dirty with each other

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Description: Tiffany (24 mins). There's something about a French accent that gets we wetter then an English summer and when Tiffany walked in and introduced herself with that sexy accent I was in need of a change of panties. Tiffany is gorgeous with a beautiful smile, a very pleasant demeanor and a body that was made to fit right on the end of my tongue. Communication was a little bit difficult with us both speaking English, but I managed to get my usual lines about lots of money and plenty of work through to her and although a little unsure at first, she soon agreed to do whatever it took to get work. We kissed passionately and softly on the couch, this was a very gorgeous woman who knew how to kiss. I leaned over and tasted her pussy, she tasted divine. I was soon finger fucking and liking her to orgasm and her orgasm was intense, quiet but very powerful. Now it was my turn and I leaned back as her tongue probed my pussy like an eager explorer. Her tongue roamed up and down my folds, flicking over my clit until I couldn't contain it anymore and I exploded with pleasure. An amazing casting with a very beautiful French woman, enjoy.