Sex appeal Victoria Rose loves to make love with Velvet every once in a while

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Description: Victoria Rose is so excited. She finally talked her husband into installing a new bathtub in the master bedroom suite over the Christmas holidays! As soon as her hubby returns to work, she calls up her best friend Velvet and invites her over to enjoy her newest home installation. By the time Velvet arrives, Victoria has already done something a little perverse… That is, she has filled up the bathtub with hot foamy milk! At this time of year, it is so cold, so it doesn’t take Velvet much convincing to get in the tub – as odd as it seems to her at the time. She is ready to warm up the wet and messy way, and Victoria is happy to convert her to this playful way of life. They quite enjoy dumping ladles of hot milk all over each other – then filling their mouths with the stuff and spitting it all over.