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Description: Zafira goes to see her gynecologist, Dr. Nikita, with a very serious problem: her boyfriend’s cock is too big for her. She just can’t take it. Is there anything Dr. Nikita can do to… you know, help her? Thankfully, Dr. Nikita is very experienced in this particular area. She has Zafira sit with legs spread in the examination chair. She starts gentle – just inserting a single digit into Zafira’s watertight twat. Zafira moans in agony – it’s just too much for her. But as the doctor continues her probing, she starts to loosen up… even get a little wet. “This is tighter than I thought it would be,” says Dr. Nikita. “I will have to employ a special oral technique.” She then applies some tongue pressure to Zafira’s hot trembling pussy. With Dr. Nikita’s pussy-licking expertise, it’s not long before Zafira’s twat is ready to accept a man-size dildo. The good doctor buries every inch of the dong in her patient’s cunt as Zafira moans in pleasure. This gives Zafira a few ideas… Namely, can she try out some of the same strategies on the doctor in return?