Shameless Donna Joe and Alyssia Loop are completely nude and making love

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Description: Talk about a killer trio, we've got Donna Joe, Alyssia Loop, and Paula, and they've got the perfect spot to play out you perfect piss drenched lesbo fantasy! All three chicks are dressed in their own sexy way, with Donna in a dress, Alyssia in a black satin top and black stockings, and Paula in some jeans in a satin top, but these clothes will all be coming off to various degrees so they can more easily piss all over each other and ram those dildos inside! There won't be a dry spec left when these three chicks are done with their bathtub romance, because they'll be soaking in piss as the tub fills up, and they'll be going harder and harder with every minute, making out under golden showers, group fingering, and going hard until make-up is piss smeared and they're all squealing in delight!