Anita Pearl and appetizing Goldie are about to spice up their sex lives a bit

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Description: Goldie’s on the farm, tossing hay, when Anita Pearl, the daughter of the owner of the ranch, walks over and offers to give her a helping hand. Goldie is a bit taken aback – she is not used to such kind gestures from the gentry. She is even more flattered when Anita offers to allow her to wear one of her fine silk blouses from her wardrobe collection. Well, this is something that Goldie just cannot say no to! Little does she realize that horny Anita is actually in the process of seducing the poor farm girl. There’s nothing that gets Anita off more than dressing up a lower class virgin girl in a rich girl’s outfit, then licking her pussy until she is fully satisfied. Yes, today will be a special afternoon instead for both of these luscious babes. And they won’t stop until they get enough.