Barbara Sweet is about to make love with mesmerizing Amanda Vamp

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Description: It always starts out classy, that much we can say, but it sure as hell never seems to end that way. Maybe it's the champagne, maybe it's their secret wet and messy desires they feel they have to keep locked up beneath the elaborate, designer outfits, but whatever it is, they always end up completely covered in filth, this time around in all the desserts that are in the building. That would be one hell of a waste if it wasn't so hot to see these crazy Eurobabes smeared, sloshed, and smothered in nastiness! After getting a little woozy from the champagne Barbara Sweet passes out in the bathtub, and trickster Amanda Vamp uses that opportunity to cover her sleeping friend in all kinds of gooeyness. Well, once the sleeping beauty arises, and Lellou enters the scene it's totally on, and a messy catfight destroys the bathroom and definitely all their clothes! The only way to solve this mess is to shower down, and these babes have no problem going from nasty to sensual.