Sultry Daria Glower loves to make love with dishy Celine Noiret because she has a kink on that

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Duration: 7:00 Views: 4 886 Submitted: 4 years ago
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Description: Leave it to fashionable office chicks Celine Noiret, Daria Glower, and Lussy Kirschner to turn what should have been a civil office party into a total catfighting mess disaster! There's plenty of cake around, but these bitchy babes would much rather smear it all over their blouses instead of eating it! Lussy Kirschner, the lowest in command here, especially gets cake dominated as she gets on her hands and knees and has to take all the mess coming to her! However, with this much whipped cream and desert goodness around no one is escaping anything close to clean! The janitor is going to have a hell of a time cleaning up this Eurobabe insanity, but these three mess loving Eurobabes are having the time of their lives! Grab some cake and let the satin destroying mess action begin!