Playful Jordan Verwest and Nessa Devil are satisfying each other's sexual needs

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Description: As if this lesbo sex party couldn't get any wilder, Lena, Nessa, Elisa, Kate, Tea, Ally, and Jordan and two of their friends are still definitely at it and proving just how crazy they can be! If you thought these babes displayed a lot of sexual variety last week you ain't seen nothing yet, because these chicks are all over the place! With teeny Kate handling the liquor (and giving us some sexy smoking) and making sure they're all juiced up the show continues, with tons of pussy licking and rubbing, asshole spreading, and a strap-on that Tea and Elisa explore, first with Elisa getting her ass pounded and then Tea showing us what she looks like when getting fucked and deep-throating some cock! Tea doesn't do boy-girl scenes, so it's incredible to see her in this kind of action! She even takes a 'stick-on' dildo and fucks the wall, and then attaches it to Elisa's head and fucks away! Tea's feeling feisty, so she grabs a whip and lines up everyone's ass and whips away, but these chicks are sure to get their revenge and whip her sweet ass red! And, if you want a break from the group action you can watch Kate and Ally have a private piss party int he bathroom, where both babes let it flow all over each other! Piss, anal, and everything lesbo, this sex party is the absolute bomb!!