Enticing Valentina Rossi and Tatiana Milovani are using their free time to passionately make love

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Description: Tatiana Milovani's got a gooey blue surprise for her friend Valentina Rossi – a bathtub full of thick blue goo! No, this isn't an April Fool's Day gag, because these chicks have an insatiable silk and satin and WaM fetish, and love to get dressed up in their favorite shiny clothes and get covered, fully-clothed, in some sort of sticky slop. Valentina couldn't be happier with her surprise, especially after Tatiana hops in, walks around then sits down and slinks around the tub like a kitten in cream and once she's soaked in good, her clothes heavy and clinging to her big perky tits and tight ass, Valentina is all hot, and starts helping by heaping the slime all over her friend. Soon their hands are all over each other, rubbing the goo into each other's expensive silk and satin clothes, then they head over to the shower where Valentina's top becomes completely see-through, driving Tatiana so wild she starts sucking on her friend's hard nipples through the messy fabric. It's a sloppy and sensual goo-covered update you don't wanna miss!